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Our tube top dresses are fun, flirty and fashionable! Each tube top is carefully and skillfully designed to ensure comfort and security, made from high quality fabric, and sent factory direct to the customer.

A tube top is like being young, they are like the carefree summer days with the sun on your shoulders. Put on our tube tops and you will feel happier and relaxed! Our Tube Tops come in long, demi and short lengths.

Tube tops are products of happy times and are part of happy memories; beach vacations with the aroma of coconut, laughing with good friends, the feel of flipflops under your feet, flirting with a new love. Tube tops always bring back summer and smiles!

Tube tops are very much in style today and very much here to stay. From their initial popularity in the 1970s, tube tops have come back by being rediscovered by American teenagers and are on every college campus in the USA!

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Tube Top Discount :: Shipping is $8 for the first Top and $4 for every top thereafter.

Long & Demi Tube Tops

Long Tube Top

Long Tube Top

"Full and Dramatic"
Ankle length, use with or without straps.
Retail... $95.00
Our Price... $60.00
Demi Tube Top

Demi Tube Top

"Casual Friday"
Knee length, use with or without straps
Retail... $85.00
Our Price... $55.00

Short & Ethnic Tube Tops

Short Tube Top

Short Tube Top

"Happy Comfort"
Above the knee, use with or without straps
Retail... $70.00
Our Price... $50.00
Ethnic Tube Top

Ethic Tube Top

Dashiki prints in
demi and long
Retail... $60.00
Our Price... $40.00

Halter Tops & Beach Dresses

Halter Tops

Halter Tops

"Flirty Fun"
Tie behind the neck
secure and sexy!
Retail... $88.00
Our Price... $59.00
beach dresses

Beach Dresses

"Fun in the sun"
Light and tropical
easy vacation wear!
Retail... $55.00
Our Price... $35.00
Our high fashion tube top dresses are made out of either durable rayon or comfortable cotton, we ship within 2 business days (usually sooner) and our friendly customer service reps are standing by. We are always available to help! If a tube top does not fit, if it is the wrong item, or if you have simply changed your mind, call us and we will be glad to help.

And tube tops are in style now more than ever. With casual wear no longer restricted to weekends, a nice tube top sundress can be worn almost anywhere.

And a woman in a tube top is viewed as being friendlier and more approachable by other people. A study of males from ages 16 through 70 were asked to view pictures of what they found attractive on a woman. The highest margin chose simple sundresses (these tube top dresses fit this description), almost half of them. About a third liked jeans (again casual) and the few that were left over chose formal attire.

Men are attracted to happy people, and a woman in a tube top is thought to be happier than those around her, more confident and more people-oriented. They are more seen as more playful, outgoing and confident. No wonder the tube top is making such a comeback, women feel happier and are seen as such, a positive and self-perpetuating cycle!

Our version of the tube top emphasizes the bust while minimizing the abdomen. The open cut accentuates both the shoulders and neck areas. And every woman with long hair should have a few tube tops in her closet… there are few prettier things in this world than long hair cascading over bare shoulders!

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NOTE: Colors vary slightly between one computer screen and another. There may be minor differences in coloration between what you see on your computer and the top you receive in the mail. Mahalo!

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