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Articles :

Tube Tops Always A Good Fashion Choice - As you may recall from previous posts, my family and I live in Southern Georgia where it is warm and sunny most months of the year. We usually enjoy temperatures in the 90s except for the months of December and January. Nothing is more lovely than seeing my wife in a one.... MORE

Tube Tops Throughout History - “Come on down!” And that’s exactly what an audience member and her tube top did when game show host Bob Barker selected a contestant for a Price is Right episode in 1979.  The selected woman ran down the aisle to the stage, wearing her tube top and screaming with joy. She was jumping up and down with excitement as she ran. Anyone who has ever run in a tube top can guess what happened next.... MORE

10 Tube Tops Tips - Tube tops. You love them, hate them or fear them, but most of us wish we were among the few that could carry off wearing them without worrying about them falling down, or our breasts falling out. If you’re not yet willing to give up on wearing a tube-top in public with confidence and pride, these tips are for you! 1.  Unless you’re as well endowed as Dolly Parton or Pamela Anderson.... MORE

History Of The Tube Top - Most women know what the tube top is, that strapless wonder that keeps the breasts tightly in place to prevent a fashion faux pas that the neighborhood kids may take decades to recover from, but have you ever thought about the history of the tube top? Where did this amazing sleeveless tube that fits around the torso come from? In Britain, the tube top is common referred to as the ‘boob tube.’... MORE

Tube Tops For The Well-Endowed Lady - Not all of us can go braless, but we envy those ladies who can.  For those who are well-endowed in the bosom department, rocking a tube top can be quite the challenge.  There are issues of the dreaded ‘pull-down’ or even worse – the ‘fall-out.’  Women who are large bosomed face the challenges of the tube top fitting too snug and causing a pronounced headlight factor... MORE

Press :

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