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Tube Top Discount :: Shipping is $8 for the first Top and $4 for every top thereafter.

Links We Like

Genius Goods Inc :

Genius Goods is our founding company and hosts a wide variety of smart products for smart people :: Genius Goods HERE

Hawaiian Shirts :

This sister site offers Hawaiian shirts from all over in rayon, cotton, hemp and more. You will find not only Hawaiian shirts, but novelty shirts such as Dia De Los Muertos items, pinup shirts and licensed apparel :: Hawaiian Shirts HERE

Sundresses :

Studies have shown that the majority of men find a women in a sundress more attractive than wearing any other type of apparel, including formal evening wear. The sundresses from our sister site are mostly made in the islands of Hawaii of the same quality material as our higher end shirts. A great place to get a great sundress at a great price :: Sundresses HERE

Santa Suits :

Genius Goods is an apparel company for the most part, and Santa Suits are something one wears! Find the widest selection of Santa suits, santa accessories and things for all of Santa's helpers. BE the Santa! :: Santa Suits HERE

Head Wraps :

Inexpensive head wraps keep you collected and comfortable. And they look great. Ideal for riding, to the gym or anytime you are out in the sun. Let's go outdoors top play! :: Headwraps HERE

Wedlock Ring Holders :

Cast in genuine coin silver, these beautiful pendants hold your rings when you are not wearing them. Great for exercise, cleaning, arthritis patients, newlyweds and new mothers. :: Wedlock Heart HERE :: Wedlock Cross HERE

NOTE: We sell sundresses, head wraps, hawaiian shirts, vintage (used) apparel, tube tops and other wearables. We are well known for apparel already.

However, we are also privy to some of the best appliances. Miniature dishwashers, beer frosters, mini clothes washers, ice makers and more!

And even holidays. Genius Goods Inc even offers Santa Suits at Santa.CC.

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