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Tube Top Discount :: Shipping is $8 for the first Top and $4 for every top thereafter.


We understand. Sometimes returns are unavoidable. We have only two conditions for returns: you must contact us first and you must pay shipping. (The postman does not give us refunds either). Never send a dress back without contacting in advance or it may not go to the proper location!

If there is a problem with your order that is our fault, we will pay for shipping for a replacement at no cost to you, or issue a refund in full. Refunds are issued only when the item arrives back at our warehouse for inspection, never before.

Examples of refundable or exchangeable orders :

  • You ordered one thing (a white Short Sundress) and we sent you another (a bright orange Muu muu).
  • You received a damaged dress.
  • You received the wrong style/print/size/color when this information was properly recorded on the order and we just sent you the wrong thing.

Examples of nonrefundable orders :

  • The dress color looks different than it does on your computer screen. We try to make the colors match as accurately as possible, but programs tend to alter colors a little, and your system will often show very different colors than mine as will your monitor. This is not our fault, it is part of online life.
  • You changed your mind. (exchange only... we have plenty of great sundresses for everyone's taste!)
  • You ordered the wrong size. (exchange only).
  • It did not "get there in time". If you put a deadline on your order, we will cancel it and thank you for your time. We don't ship it ourselves, so we can't make promises. If you have a deadline, contact us first and we will do whatever we can.
  • You washed it in a way that is not on the care label and the colors ran or it shrank.
  • You use a third product such as woolite and the item is damaged.
  • You wore the item to a party and want to return it. There are no refunds or exchanges on worn goods for any reason.


Our company is Genius Goods Inc, and this is clearly stated on this site, the copy of the sale, the processing copy (you get these both by email), and upon your credit card statement. Sometimes people just don't remember the name of the company they purchased from. This is us, we sold you a tube top!

If there is an order problem we will make it right within the rules. But a chargeback is a really nasty thing. It hurts a company's credit standing, the company is hit with a non-refundable fine, the company is charged processing and statement fees, and it causes a great deal of nonproductive busywork. A chargeback is NOT a way to get a refund, it is meant as a consumer protection against criminal fraud, and it should not be used unless a crime has been committed. Chargeback issuers will be cheerfully handed over to our collections company.


Liability is limited to the value of the product purchased plus any shipping for that one product. The company, stockholders, and employees are not liable for any monies above that amount, and your purchase from this site through Genius Goods Inc is verification that you are in agreement with, will adhere to, and understand in full, these limitations, guidlines and policies.

NOTE: Never simply return an item without first contacting us. These tube tops are sent from any of several warehouses and if your return is sent to the wrong place, you will be charge extra shipping. Also, these warehouses are geared towards wholesale sales, and if your item shows up unannounced and unexplained, there is a good chance they will not know what to do and there will not be a refund. Finally, never send to our offices in Waxhaw NC. These are only offices!

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