Welcome to Tube Top Blog

Welcome to Tube Top Blog

Our tube top dresses are fun, flirty and fashionable! Each tube top is carefully and skillfully designed to ensure comfort and security, made from high quality fabric, and sent factory direct to the customer.

A tube top is like being young, they are like the carefree summer days with the sun on your shoulders. Put on our tube tops and you will feel happier and relaxed! Enter Tube Top Store HERE

Tube tops are products of happy times and are part of happy memories; beach vacations with the aroma of coconut, laughing with good friends, the feel of flipflops under your feet, flirting with a new love. Tube tops always bring back summer and smiles!

Tube tops are very much in style today and very much here to stay. From their initial popularity in the 1970s, tube tops have come back by being rediscovered by American teenagers and are on every college campus in the USA!



Welcome to our Hawaiian shirt blog, your trusted site for staying up to speed with the world of aloha apparel. Hawaiian shirts and collecting them are passions of ours and we’ve created this web section to bring our fellow afficionados the best articles, pictures, videos, news and updates to keep you up to date with the subculture of Hawaiian shirts. Shirts generally have a “run” of about a year, with notable exceptions. Shirts worn by Tom Selleck for the show “Magnum PI” are sold to this day, and a new wave of ‘retro’ shirts, designs that were retired decades ago and re-published, have made aggressive inroads into the market.

Ardent collectors and novice buyers alike should perform thorough research on their shirts before making purchases and should always be reading up on new articles and topics to stay on top of the new developments in the industry. Hawaiian shirts are always changing and you should always be aware of what’s driving the industry.

Weather that’s reading about cloth manufacturers who are launching ground-breaking new designs, or keeping up with the latest styles and trends of the best suppliers in the sport, if you want to look your best, you need to keep up, and that’s what we’re here to help you do. We aim to inspire you to take your appearance to the next level with photos and videos of shirts, sundresses, muu muus, and general aloha culture. In the picture at left, Magnum PI wears the “Jungle Bird” shirt in red from Kahala (See store).

Our site is also meant to be an interactive community. Hawaiian shirts and collecting are a way of life to some folks, and its important to give back to the community by posting your own photos and videos and sharing tips and sources and information on collecting, makes, tags,, and sales. It is important to share your knowledge and experience here at hawaiian-shirt.net to help answer questions for other consumers.

Please come back often as we continue to add more useful content to this site!

Recently found out about the US Postal service releasing postage stamps with Hawaiian shirts on them.

hawaiian shirt stamps

hawaiian shirt stamps

What is really cool is that we sell one fo these, the middle one is called “Lei Lady” from Kamehameha.